İzmir Private Gazi Hospital

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Private Gazi Hospital takes its name by the greatest leader of Atatürk. Private Gazi Hospital   has opened  at the 08/01/ 2002 in Izmir. Izmir is called by the people in Turkey as  the pearl of the beautiful Aegean . As Gazi Hospital being located at the one of the famous Tourist city in Turkey, we have been giving reliable and professional health service to the foreign patients for a long time with experienced and quality staff.

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Gazi Hospital ise quipped with the latest advances in medicine and hygienic ventilation under sterile conditions with ultra-modern surgery rooms, intensive care and emergency ambulance units; providing uninterrupted service for 24 hours a day 365 days a year and continues to be a cure to our patients.

Private Gazi Hospital’s parking capacity is over 1500 cars, it is one of the the largest parking  area in Izmir.  Parking problems never occur in Gazi Hospital. We provide parking services for 24 hours a day in the comfort of security of parking ability for foreign pateints to acknowledge this benefit.

Our health services are always necessary to be carried out with the effort of achieving the most goals. Advanced technologies are using scientific methods and better services that are currently running in the structure of this complex for Gazi Hospital. Indeed, we are also using the modern management techniques for this reason of having  ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Standards as equipped in our hospital. Total Quality Management has chosen to implement the target system for the benefits of the manage the hospital in the best way